EasyPay System, the well-known manufacturer of Self-Service Terminals, became a Silver Partner of the 10th edition of the Exact Time in Gambling seminar.

As the start date of the annual fair dedicated to the gambling industry – Entertainment Arena Expo – approaches, the interest in the traditional seminar with free participation that has been in the program of this event for 10 years – Ora Exactă in Gambling -, increases.

Now in its 10th edition, the Exact Time in Gambling seminar, an annual event that is scheduled on the agenda of the E-Arena Expo on the second day, attracts more and more participants and partners.
At the event, as every year, top representatives of the National Gambling Office announced their participation.
The tumult of contradictory information coming from the Authorities makes the timing of the seminar particularly favorable.

EasyPay System, the company led by Serghei Fraseniuc chose to be the Silver Partner of this 10th edition of the Exact Time in Gambling seminar.

EasyPay System is the market leader in the field of terminals and practically covers all market requirements in the field of self-service kiosks: projection, production and storage, own networks of payment terminals, virtual currency and betting terminals, service and maintenance, sales, rental and turnkey business.

They share their experience of over 13 years with their clients and guide them throughout the process of implementing the solutions they offer, the company’s interest being clearly that of increasing the success of its clients.

The seminar program consists of 60 minutes of discussions, opinions and comments on current topics in the domestic gambling industry, topics debated freely, together with representatives of the National Gaming Office, but also with representatives of the legislator and professional associations in the industry.

Participation is FREE , but due to the limited number of seats in the hall, registration is required at redactie@casino-magazine.ro .

The moderator of the event will be, as in previous editions, Bogdan Coman, Executive Director within the ROMBET association.

Partners of the event are:

Gold Partner: ROMBET association

Silver Partner: BMM testlabs and EasyPay System

Bronze Partner: Smart Games

Organizer: Casino Life & Business Magazine