Betting Terminal – Easy Bet 7

EasyBet 7 adapts perfectly to any space, just like the other models in its category. EasyPay betting terminals are specially designed for a new generation of bettors who demand ease and simplicity in their betting experience. Our betting terminals combine the most popular functions in one terminal, making it fully functional for any sports betting location.

  • Height: 183 cm
  • Length: 63 cm
  • Depth: 46 cm
  • Weight: 90 kg
  • easy to use, friendly interface
  • 2 monitors
  • scanner
  • printer
  • banknote acceptor

1. Unique experience

It offers a fast and convenient betting experience: the self-service sports betting terminal offers the opportunity to bet quickly without having to wait or talk to a cashier.

2. Reduced costs

These terminals are much cheaper and less expensive than other options, thus offering significant savings.

3. Better alternatives

These terminals offer a greater variety of options than other betting options, thus offering more possibilities.

4. Quick check

The self-service sports betting terminal allows you to quickly check the results of the bets and see your winnings instantly.

5. Safe bets

The Easy Bet series terminals are programmed to be more secure than other options, thus offering a safer betting environment.

6. Fast processing

They are very fast in processing bets, thus providing instant results.

7. Detailed analyses

The self-service sports betting terminal allows bettors to make detailed analyzes of bets and make changes as needed.

8. Easy-2-use

Betting terminals are usually very easy to use, even for less experienced bettors.


Innovative design

Easy Bet terminals are designed to be easy to use in very safe conditions. They have a modern, intuitive interface with a wide range of functions that offer a new betting experience.

Designed by top engineers in the field

They are designed to be impenetrable and resistant to unauthorized access, ensuring that customer funds remain safe.

Easy-Bet-7_ sus


Free your customers from the moments when they wait for their turn at the cashier to bet the lucky ticket and offer them the opportunity to bet easily and quickly, through the Easy Bet terminals.


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