Easy Outdoor

Easy Outdoor transforms the experience of outdoor solutions with its robust and versatile design. This innovative terminal is built to withstand extreme weather conditions in all seasons, making it the ideal partner for managing payments in car parks and a variety of other business areas.

With durable construction and cutting-edge technology, Easy Outdoor combines reliability and efficiency in one device, ensuring your business runs smoothly regardless of the weather or location. Discover the advantages of an outdoor terminal designed to meet the challenges of the environment by choosing Easy Outdoor for your outdoor solutions.

  • easy to use, friendly interface
  • 1 monitor
  • scanner
  • receipt
  • printer
  • banknote acceptor

1. Resistance in all weather conditions

Easy Outdoor is specially designed to withstand extreme weather conditions, ensuring optimal operation in all seasons and weather, allowing you to focus on growing your business.

2. Flexibility and versatility

The Easy Outdoor terminal is ideal for a wide range of outdoor applications, from parking payment to access management in various business areas, easily adapting to your requirements.

3. Improved safety

Easy Outdoor provides increased security for your customers’ payments, reducing the risk of fraud and protecting confidential data in all transactions. 4. Reduction of operational costs The Easy Outdoor terminal helps you reduce personnel and maintenance costs by providing an efficient and reliable solution for managing outdoor payments.

5. Ease of use Easy

Outdoor is designed to be intuitive and easy to use, allowing customers to make their desired transactions quickly and seamlessly.

6. Support for contactless payments

The Easy Outdoor terminal accepts contactless payments, including those made with a smartphone or a card with NFC technology, facilitating a fast and secure experience for customers.

7. Increased comfort for customers

With the Easy Outdoor self-service solution, customers benefit from a practical and convenient alternative for making payments outside, in a fast, simple and efficient way.

Easy Parking 5

Innovative design

Designed to be easy to use in very safe conditions, with a modern and intuitive interface and a wide range of functions that make outdoor payments much easier.

Designed by specialists in the field

Outdoor terminals are based on the latest generation technologies to ensure that customer data and transactions are safe and secure.

Easy Parking 6
Easy-Parking 7

User friendly

Free your customers from waiting in line at the cashier and offer them the opportunity to place orders and pay quickly through Outdoor terminals.


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